Food, Drinks

Traditional cuisine dishes are at your disposal for both your business and leisure stay.

The most famous dishes include Khachapuri (The most common version of the Georgian cheese bread), Lobiani (A kind of Khachapuri filled with kidney beans), Mchadi (Cornbread), Kuchmachi (Chicken livers with walnut sauce and pomegranate), Lobio (Mashed red beans with spices), Badrijani Nigvzit  (Fried eggplant with walnut sauce), Mtsvadi (Meat cooked on fire), Chakapuli (Soup made of fresh herbs such as tarragon and meat of sheep or lamb), Khinkali (Dumplings filled with meat and seasoned with herbs) Bazhe (Chicken/turkey in walnut sauce), etc.

Breakfast is mostly continental, however, we add natural dairy products and fruits at the request of the guests.

On the present territory, which includes a vineyard, we are also producing red and white wines of high quality and Chacha.