Our Story

Our story begins when in the ’60-s of the 20th century the life of our family living in Tbilisi was connected to Bolnisi, – The head of the family was transferred to Bolnisi for work. This person has worked in various managerial positions for almost 25 years and has made a great contribution to the development of the district’s national economy. He has also been actively involved in community activities of the Region.

Our company, Park Prime LLC, which is currently operating, is a holding company that manages a network of small hotels in Bolnisi and at this stage includes 3 facilities. These are Prime House, Park House and Point House.

The family-type hotel Prime House, which opened in 2017, is quite popular at this stage, although, it has been operating at full capacity since 2018. This is the date when this city is 200 years old, after the German colonists settled here. This date was widely celebrated by the City Hall, organized various cultural events and laid the foundation for the annual event in the city. There were many German guests at this event and they became the first guests of our hotel.

This building was built at the end of the ’80-s of the last century according to the project of the current owner and uses natural building materials. The elements of spatial arrangement, architecture and design used here, are based on the rich building traditions used by the German colonists.

The facility Park House has an interesting history, which is currently in the process of reconstruction and in the future will combine both the function of a hotel and there will be various entertainment and recreational spaces. This building was built in the ’60-s of the last century by the State and it became our family’s original residence in Bolnisi. During the construction of this building, the remains of an old foundation were discovered, which apparently was intended for the building, which was supposed to be a guest house of the winery built nearby by German colonists.

As for the third building Point House, it is a building located in the historic district of the city, which was built by the German colonists as early as the 19th century and has preserved the original architectural elements. Reconstruction works will be carried out on this facility soon and it will be possible to receive guests.

So the buildings of three different periods, with their own style, history and spirit, will suit and satisfy the tastes of different types of travelers.